Fortuitous Bouncing

My blog was down for about 6 hours last night and this morning. Sorry if you weren’t able to access it then.

Within this past week the Twins have experienced one of their most historic wins and most historic losses. Most recently, the loss. Ugh.

Nebraska played on Thursday night. For 3 quarters they looked like a team that could play defense but had no idea how to play offense. Then they scored 3 touchdowns in 3 minutes and ended up winning by 15 against a top 25 team.


  1. Helpful post summarizing Jon, Anne, and Carlos speaking on blogging at Catalyst this week.
  2. The average church attender gives 2.56%. Wow.
  3. The Gospel according to the Conservative Bible Project.
  4. Rob Bell on church ranking lists. I wholeheartedly agree.
  5. John Voelz has written a post that every worship pastor needs to read.
  6. Mark Batterson on the importance of congregational worship. Loved this.


Enjoy your weekend.