Fortuitous Bouncing

Rose and I signed a lease yesterday and we will be moving about 2 miles, 3 weeks from today. Moving is a huge hassle but we think this new place is definitely worth the hassle.

Between my birthday, car problems, a big paper, and moving possibilities…this week was far too stressful. Glad the weekend is here.


  1. Karen wrote a great post on how the emergent generation is abandoning holiness. I think she pretty much nailed this one.
  2. Tim Keller (a man about 5,000 times smarter than me) is blogging now and he wrote a great post on how “preacher-onlys aren’t great pastors.”
  3. The suburbs often get a bad rap, especially from the people that live in urban city centers. Loved this post in defense of the suburbs.
  4. 5 ways social media is changing our daily lives. If you are reading this, it is likely that you already know these things. It is the people who aren’t reading this that scare me a little.
  5. Eugene Cho has some thoughts on Nobel, Obama, Bono, and “rebranding America.”


After last weekend, it is tough to root for Nebraska. So….

Go Vikings 🙂