Fortuitous Bouncing

So for those of you dressing up…..what/who are you dressing up as?

Rose and I have had 3 people back out last minute for taking over our lease. We would really appreciate your prayer that it would work out for someone to do so very soon.


  1. “My concern resides in our age old tendency to reshape the gospel so that it matches our own personal ideals and passions, with the result that we create a mythical moral high ground to stand on, and thus stop growing” (read the full article here).
  2. Confronting urban violence with Jesus’ non-violence.
  3. Should the goal of Christians be to convert others to their faith?
  4. How not to blog.
  5. How not to tweet.
  6. Interesting book on how to live life without having a car. I used my dad’s car for this past week while he was in California, but I think I enjoy a lot of aspects of being carless.
  7. Have you heard of Foursquare? I’ll be the first to say that I don’t think it is all it is being cracked up to be, but here is a good post on why it just might be.


Happy Reformation Day! 😉