Multiple Service Formats

My church, like many, has two different styles of services on Sunday morning.

  • Our first service is essentially a “blended” service (by the way, I hate the word service but I’m using it here because it is a common usage for a gathering of believers on a weekend) with a mix of contemporary songs and elements as well as traditional hymns and other elements similar to that.
  • Our second service is essentially a “contemporary” service (again, I hate using these broad words when each church does multiple services a little different but for conversation sake, I use them) using songs that have been released in the recent future and media elements such as videos.

At my church we tend to use lighting, stage layout, volume, band composition, and many other pieces of the puzzle much differently depending on the service.

I’ve spent A LOT of time thinking about this type of concept for “doing” church and would love to have some input on it from all of you.

What do you think about the multiple service format church?

Is it Biblical?

Pros? Cons?

I’d love to have a great discussion about this.