Moving Forward

When I first started blogging I made it a goal to post once a day, except on Sundays. Most weeks it feels pretty manageable, with the danger always being writing something just for the sake of meeting the goal. I never want to do post something if it doesn’t have some type of a purpose.

Starting this new job has me looking at my amount of social media usage, including blog writing. My plan right now is to post 4 or 5 times a week, instead of the usual 6. In some ways I hope this allow my content to be better, but it is also just a recognition in myself that I don’t have time to write everyday and have it be meaningful.

I always tell people who say they don’t have time for blogging, that really no one has time for anything with that kind of mindset. Everything we do requires the sacrifice of the thing we could otherwise be doing. All that to say, I don’t want my blogging to get in the way of my relationship with Christ, my wife, or the people I serve with at my church. Those should always have the priority and too often they don’t.

That is what is on my mind as I think about moving forward with this blog. I love this community of all of you who read and engage consistently. I’m just needing to refine a little in order for it to be beneficial for you and me.

Do you have a preference of how often blogs update?

Are their specific topics you would want me to blog about in the future?