Moving From Tradition

This is another post in a series I’ll be doing of questions that some of you asked. If you would like to add your question, go here and do so.

Today’s question comes from Seth, a guy who I sing with fairly consistently at Sunset. He probably knows more about the Bible and theology than any non-pastor at Sunset.

He asked:

What, if any, traditional theological position have you changed your view on?

This was definitely a question that took some thinking. Partly because traditional is somewhat of a loose word (which tradition should I be thinking of) and also because many view it as a negative thing to stray from traditional positions and beliefs.

  • God’s Sovereignty

Kurt and I spent most of the this past summer going over the sovereignty of God, and I even had a long series on this blog on the topic as well. A traditional position is that God is completely sovereign and in control of everything. As I wrote back here, I simply do not think this is true. I’d summarize my thoughts on God’s sovereignty with this:

The Bible says that God causes things to happen, and it also says that God changes his mind. Sure we could come to agree on one of those, and then find a way to explain the other, but let’s be honest…none of the explanations make much sense. Somehow God is both of these things: static and fluid.

God’s sovereignty, or lack of it, is a traditional position that I have changed my view on. Going from believing God was in control of everything, to thinking that somehow, in some way, God can and does change his mind.

There are many other positions that I think I view differently than others today, but I wouldn’t consider those to be traditional Christian positions. So I won’t name them here.

What traditional (as you would consider them to be) theological positions have you changed your view on?