The Best

This year I wrote over 250 blog posts. I thought I’d share with you what the most popular posts were according to WordPress stats and Feedburner stats.

These go in order of popularity.

Let me know which post stands out to you and why.

  1. The Demise of Social Media // This was a post that created far too much buzz. I did my best to try and create a genuine conversation about conduct of Christian leaders in social media, but it took off to go far beyond that.
  2. Sovereignty of God Blog Series // Kurt and I studied the subject of God’s sovereignty this summer. The blog series was inspired by that study and my desire to hear a lot of my fellow bloggers share on the subject. So many of them had some truly wonderful things to share.
  3. My Church Manifesto // This was the post that took the most preparation out of any post I’ve written. It comes from lots of prayer, time in ministry, personal readings, and things I’ve learned in seminary. Hence the title, “manifesto.”
  4. The Bubble // I’m not really sure why the post was so popular. I think people like the picture or something.
  5. 5 Reasons Your Pastor Should Blog (And Twitter) // I believe in the power of social media to connect those who aren’t connected and to bring depth to relationships that have no depth. Pastors need to believe in that too.
  6. A Theology of Worship // These were 4 posts I wrote based on a paper I wrote in class during fall semester.
  7. 5 Reasons Seminary is Relevant // I hear just about every week about why seminary is no longer relevant. Pastors say this (usually the ones who didn’t go to seminary) and people all over social media think this. I, for one, don’t think it is true.

Let me know which post stands out to you and why.

Happy New Year friends!