The Difference

Have you heard about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill being put forward in Uganda? If not, you can read about it here.

The bottom line for me is that there is a huge difference between supporting homosexuality and discriminating against people in this way. And it saddens me that people of the Christian faith are some of the most vocal supporters of this bill.

Here is a video of Rick Warren sharing about this proposed bill (kind of weird that he looks and acts like a politician in the video though, where did the Hawaiian shirt go?)

(RSS readers come watch the video here if you can’t see it. Here is a transcript of the video)

My favorite part is this:

The potential law is unjust, extreme and un-Christian toward homosexuals, requiring the death penalty in some cases. If I am reading the proposed bill correctly, this law would also imprison anyone convicted of homosexual practice.

Jim Wallis had this to say on his blog:

Whatever one’s views on homosexuality, I would hope we can at least agree that legal, civil, and human rights must be honored, respected, and defended for all people.  It’s a question of justice.

I don’t pretend to think that us being more aware about this possible legislation on the other side of the world could change anything, but I hope that  as more people become informed that the tide will continue to turn against this.

Any thoughts on this proposed bill in Uganda?