Effective Ministry

I think almost anyone could lead an effective ministry in the short term, but few can lead one over a long haul.

I have noticed many times since I started working at a church two and a half years ago, that I have felt unmotivated to give my job its full attention. I wouldn’t call it burnout, more just a lack of energy and passion for church ministry.

When I fully examined the why, often I had given God little time or space to work within my life in those previous days or weeks. To say I’ve already learned the lesson that I need to give God time and space in my life would be a lie.

I have no doubt that it will be a lesson I will be continually learning as life goes on.

There will be ebbs and flows as with any relationship, but I have a strong desire to learn more of what it means to give God the time and space so he might be my portion and lead me to be an effective leader of the ministry God has placed me in.

Christian ministry is a lifetime calling on each of us, not a short term sprint.