Great Theological Worship Lyrics

After so many of you had strong opinions from my post yesterday, I thought we would flip the subject. I thought what Darin said was spot on, in that, there are a lot of great lyrics being written today. Something about our fallen bodies makes us focus on the negative too much sometimes.

So I’d love to have you share a song that has been written recently or that your church is singing that you believe reflects a strong Biblical theology.

I’ll share a couple that come to mind for me. Oh You Bring is a song by Hillsong United that I absolutely love. Sure Hillsong has better musical songs, but the lyrics of the verses are powerful to me:

Oh you bring hope to the hopeless
And light to those in the darkness
And death to life, now I’m alive

Oh you give peace to the restless
And joy to homes that are broken
I see you now, in you I’m found

And you open the door for me
And you lay down your life to set me free
All that I am will serve you Lord

I love this progression from speaking about what God does (brings death to life), to remembering his sacrifice (laid down his life to set us free), to a call for us to respond (serving him).

This song isn’t nearly as new as the previous one, but Here I Am to Worship by Tim Hughes (I can say that God truly used this song to change my life) has powerful lyrics to me. Especially the second verse which says:

King of all days,
Oh so highly exalted Glorious in heaven above.
Humbly you came to the earth you created.
All for love’s sake became poor.

The focus is clearly on the incarnation here and it should prompt us to respond in personal worship towards God.

Now it’s your turn. Take some time to think through the newer songs that connect you to God with a strong understanding of theology and the Bible.

What comes to mind?