Most Embarrassing Moment

My junior year of high school I played on the junior varsity basketball team. A couple of my friends and myself were held onto the J.V. team junior year (we played on it sophomore year too) because the varsity team was that good (we finished 4th in the State my senior year).

Our team was pretty good that year, we tied for winning our division. As a reward of some sort the Varsity head coach brought up my 2 friends and me for the final varsity regular season game.

The game ended up being a blow out, so sure enough the coach put my friends and me into the game for the last two minutes. Those two minutes remain the most embarrassing of my life to this day:

Two minutes of game time, two fouls, two missed shots, and two turnovers.

Before then I didn’t even know it was possible to play that bad in two minutes.

I didn’t play basketball my senior year, so those two minutes were the only time I ever saw in a Varsity basketball game.

What is your most embarrassing moment?