The Bachelor and Worship

I watch The Bachelor.

There I said it.

Yes I know, it is a wretched show that no God fearing person should watch, but Rose gets sucked into it every season and so we watch it together.

This is the first season I actually know someone on the show. She got the “first impression rose” on the show Monday night. Her name is Tenley. This has nothing to do with today’s post…it’s just weird that I know someone on there.

The show, to me, is mostly a joke because only one couple has stayed together since the show began almost 10 years ago. You have better odds of staying with someone by getting engaged to someone on the street.

The show and the premise of setting 2 people up for life is majorly flawed.

I say this because the entire thing is a competition. This week’s episode someone was more excited about getting a rose than they were about getting to know Jake (this season’s bachelor). Therein lies the problem. When a relationship is more about winning a game than about fostering a healthy relationship it is destined to fail.

Sometimes I think worship at our churches can be a bit like this. We fall in love with a song, a sound, a moment. Much like the ladies fall in love with a rose and not the man. Songs, sounds, moments: these aren’t bad things, but when it becomes more about those things than the God that those things are about, we have a problem.

Why is it that hands go up high in the air during the chorus of a ballad? Certainly raising our hands in worship is a valid way to respond to God in worship, but if it becomes a response to the song rather than God, we’re losing our way.

My worry is that worship today is more about spirit than truth. It is more about rhyming than it is about theology.

Has worship become more about the moment than the God?