When the World Shakes

Over the past week there have been 2 notable earthquakes. One hardly anyone knows about, it was in northern California…the other everyone knows about, in Haiti.

Northern California, with obvious exceptions, is able to handle strong earthquakes because they are somewhat typical. Haiti, on the other hand, is a third world country with no building codes or any ability to withstand a major earthquake.

The second I got a twitter update to my phone about the earthquake yesterday in Haiti I emailed my great friend Adam to make sure he was safe on the east end of the Dominican Republic. Hundreds of miles away he felt the quake but was safe. He did report to me the massive loss of life being reported there.

I’m a fairly tough guy, at least I like to think so…but what I’ve seen completely breaks my heart. For those of you who can stomach it I’d encourage you to go HERE and HERE to look at some pictures and a video of the damage.

I certainly can’t make you care about helping the Haitians that have been deeply affected by this. But if you do I want to encourage you to reach to these people by giving.

I am fairly sure you find yourself far away from Haiti, unable to do much other than watch this on tv. But it is certainly within our power to reach out to them in some way.

Here are four ways that you can give to these people in need:

World Vision

One Day’s Wages


Medical Teams International

Thankful for life and safety today.