Fortuitous Bouncing

After what has been a fairly miserable last few months weather-wise, we had a wonderful 60* day in Portland yesterday with lots of sunshine. The great part is that southern California was dealing with a nice day of rain. Not to rub it in, but hey we don’t get the chance to all that often.

I know most of you could careless about baseball, but I have a good feeling that my Twins are going to reverse the curse that Minnesota sports fans have been under since 1992. They are stacked for a great year in their new ballpark.


  1. Eugene Cho…”doesn’t live for the Jesus who eats red meat, drinks beer and beats on other men.”
  2. Another great piece from Eugene Cho. This time he shares a theology of singlehood. Great work Eugene.
  3. Church should be a place to be honest right? (I’ve had a lot of conversations about this at work the past few weeks)
  4. Dave Ingland posted 3 questions that he asked me about the local church.
  5. Anne Jackson wrote a post this week on her struggle with bi-polar. I appreciate her openness and authenticity so much.
  6. Remember that post on “sportianity” I wrote on Monday? Scot McKnight wrote a great response to the Christianity Today article.


To those of you on the east coast, enjoy the snow. To those of you on the west coast, enjoy the warm sun.