The Best and Worst of Seminary

This is another post in a series I’m doing of questions that some of you asked. If you would like to add your question, go here and do so.

Today’s question is from Joel Mayward. Be sure to go and check out his blog. He asked:

What have been the greatest benefits of attending seminary? What have been the biggest frustrations or disappointments?

To me, seminary has had 2 major benefits. First is that it is a perfect combination for learning a long with working in Christian ministry. What is learned through ministry experience and what is learned at seminary are two very different things, but they both work together to provide a solid base of shepherding, Biblical knowledge, and theology. The second major benefit is relationship building. The connections I’ve made and continue to make with students and professors are many in number. And many of these connections will last a long time.

Seminary, for me, also has 2 major frustrations. First would be that I came in with very limited Biblical and theological education and knowledge. Even now, 3 years into seminary, I still feel like I am behind where I should be. Seminary isn’t a great place to play catch up because there is so much to take in right from the beginning. Second is that I don’t live on campus, and much like undergrad, the key to getting the full seminary experience is living on campus. There are many events, meetings, etc, that I can never make because of how far away I live and how busy I am with my job. Seminaries need to work on allowing students to stay connected even if they aren’t on campus much in a week.

Any of you who are in or have been to seminary have anything to add?