Critical Church Members

I read a post from Seth Godin a few weeks ago that has stuck with me ever since. Here is his concluding thought:

Firing the customers you can’t possibly please gives you the bandwidth and resources to coddle the ones that truly deserve your attention and repay you with referrals, applause and loyalty (read the full post here).

Seth’s focus is more on marketing within the business world, but I do think there are implications for the church in what he said here.

My experience in the local church has been that much of the church’s time is spent keeping those inside happy, instead of using that time to reach those outside. Maybe your experience is similar.

But what if our mindset was unapologetic? What if each church did church their way without apologizing for it? If someone doesn’t like it, there are plenty of other churches to choose from.

I wonder if maybe each church would be much more effective by having that mindset.

I’m not necessarily saying this is the best course of action. But I am curious how you react to this line of thinking.

How should a local church best deal with critical people within their body?