Fortuitous Bouncing

While Rose and I are grateful to be living in a house instead of an apartment, it sure does make for a lot more work. On Wednesday I spent 6 hours working on the lawn (dethatching, mowing, overseeding, fertilizing). Apartment living does have some benefits.

When Syracuse lost on Thursday night my bracket officially went down the toilet.


  1. Jesus and the Health Care Bill. Written by Gordon MacDonald, a man I truly respect. It is worth a read whether you like what he says or not.
  2. The Professional Church Person Hater. Los nailed it.
  3. Enjoyed reading Wess’ walk through of preparing unplanned worship during a programmed meeting.
  4. Chris Tomlinson has an issue with the idea of apologizing to others for being a Christian. He has some very good points too.
  5. 5 books to spark your soul.
  6. The character trait that might be holding you back. Good words from Don Miller.


Blessings to you this Palm Sunday.