A New Expression of Worship

In many ways our “modern” form of worship is already becoming outdated.

What do I mean by modern worship? I mean Hillsong United, I mean Chris Tomlin, I mean moving lights and moving backgrounds with lyrics over the top, I mean 4 minute songs, I mean 5 song worship “sets” of music. Hopefully you get the picture.

Over the last week I’ve been listening to a band named Gungor non-stop (best Christian album I’ve heard in a long time). Gungor is led by Michael Gungor and they play music in order to bring about what they call “worship experiences” outside of the church.

Instead of going around and touring churches, they are planning a few “events” rather than a concert tour. They’ll be in music venues rather than churches and yet they will still be focused around praise and worship music, though it might be different than you’ve seen or heard before. With the infusion of art and music outside the church they hope to reach a whole different group of people than the local church might reach.

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I for one, love this. This whole idea. Today’s church has turned worship into a music-oriented time. Bands like Gungor are turning worship into a sensory experience of God.

And for those of you who loved their album titled song from the first video, here is an acoustic version of it. It goes from good to INCREDIBLE (plus the lyrics are profound) at about the 2 minute mark:

Gungor isn’t alone with this kind of idea. I hung out with a group named Revolver when they came to Portland’s Idea Camp last November. They are doing something very similar through their church in San Diego.

I see this expression in worship growing in popularity as time goes on. I say that because everyone I know who has been a part of something like this is always blown away afterward.

This is a new expression of worship. And we should embrace that.

Change is a good thing.

(Just to be clear, I wasn’t paid for this post, nor was I asked to write anything about Gungor or Revolver. I was worried some of you might have thought otherwise because of my raving remarks for their music. I paid for the mp3s of Gungor’s new album with my own money and fell in love. I know a lot of bloggers get free stuff and post about it, but that isn’t my gig.

Oh and if you didn’t listen the the acoustic version of “Beautiful Things” you missed out on a beautiful 5 minutes. I’m just sayin…)