The Keys to Social Media Success

It seems everyone is trying to get more influence in social media venues. Since I blog mostly within the broad blogging genre of Christianity, I thought I’d provide a quick guide that will lead to hits and followers. Because, let’s be honest…hits and followers ARE success.

Here is a 5-step process that will put you into the upper class of Christians in social media:

  1. Call a big name pastor a heretic. This will surely help you get your blog off the ground. People on Twitter will jump on it like wildfire because many will already hate the guy and his fans will call you a heretic too. Just don’t tell everyone you secretly read all of the pastors books and attend his church too. That wouldn’t go over too well.
  2. Criticize a friend. Everyone likes a little drama, especially drama over social media. We’re all working when the soaps are on tv, so your blog can give us our fix.
  3. Beg for RTs and subscribers. People are sheep, they will do what you ask. If you do #4 and #3 at the same time you might want to make sure your servers are ready because people will be comin’ in droves.
  4. Write about sex. Christians love to read about sex. Even today, it somehow is a scandalous topic that many Christians think should be avoided. Go against the grain, you’ll be rewarded with a bunch of porn spam hits.
  5. Tell others how to be successful like you. Most of the top blogs are blogs about blogging and social media. Whether you have good advice or not, people love to read about social media success. Hence, why I wrote this post.

Anything you would add? 😉