Put yourself in a leadership position for an extended period and it won’t take long to figure out where your weaknesses are.

That is a lesson I have learned since going from part time to full time at my church and taking on a lot on more responsibility.

I’ve found that I struggle to be confrontational in difficult situations. And yet, I truly believe that all situations are better when an open dialogue can occur. This takes a person in the situation to confront the issue. I guess I get scared my being confrontational will be taken the wrong way; that somehow I’ll be perceived as mad when really I just simply care.

I’ll often sit back and have an internal fight with myself about whether to start the conversation and bring up the subject or not to. Whenever the “not to” side of me wins then fight with myself about why I wouldn’t confront the issue.

One of my bosses, Jay, often says, “if it feels funky, engage.” Meaning that if something doesn’t feel right, the best solution is to confront the issue or the person (in a Biblical way).

Believe me, no one likes to figure out where they are weak. It is most often a humbling rather, and not something that builds confidence. But, especially within leadership, how can you become a better person without learning the hard way?

This is what I’m learning.

How have you learned your weaknesses?

How have you overcome them?