Fortuitous Bouncing

Looks like the topic of “the importance of mentoring for the future of the church” won by one measly vote earlier this week. That is the topic I’ll roll with unless enough of you think I should do a vote-off between the top 2 topics.

During the off-season I told pretty much everyone I knew that I thought the Twins were the most underrated team in baseball this year and that they would win the World Series. Then Joe Nathan (their closer and a darn good one) went down for the year and everyone said I was crazy. I’m sticking with my pick though. Twins for the World Series.


  1. 10 reasons pastors are important.
  2. What should we be teaching in church? Narrative or doctrine?
  3. Loved this post from Diane Butler Bass from Monday on the connection between sports and faith.
  4. John Mark Comer is the teaching pastor at a growing church a few miles from where I live (Solid Rock Church). He was featured in an interview by Catalyst this week.
  5. Kyle Reed wrote a great post on the 2 major problems the church is facing today. Pretty hard to disagree with his main points.


Grace and peace.