Fortuitous Bouncing

I’m up at Trout Creek Bible Camp for a weekend with Sunset’s high school group. We’re trying a spring retreat instead of a winter retreat this year. So far is has been an awesome weekend. We have 4 different main sessions that me and the worship team are helping lead. You can definitely be praying for those and for our involvement in them.

Crazy that just a few months ago I met the #2 pick in the NFL Draft.


  1. This kid makes me never want to speak in front of people again. Half my age and 10 times more captivating than me.
  2. This post on asking people to leave your church is very intriguing to me.
  3. 20 little things you can do to be more creative.
  4. My blogging friend Jan has a definitely heart for worship leaders around the world. Check out a letter she recently wrote about her ministry and her passion.
  5. Definitely the most thought-provoking post of the week. No surprise…from John Dyer. Take a second to read his take on technology and the death of Jesus on the cross.


Hope you all get more sleep than I will this weekend!