The One Thing That Remains From Easter

I’m going to assume that most of you who read this blog spent some of your time this weekend to gather at a church to celebrate Easter. I’m sure a lot was said and a lot of great points were made.

Believe it or not, almost everything that went on was thought out and prepared for a purpose. It might not have come across that way to you, but I don’t know many churches who do much of anything without a distinct purpose or reason behind it.

The problem is a lot of that purpose and focus gets lost in translation between the stage and the congregation. Undoubtedly each church tried to use powerful songs and creative elements in order to bring to life this awesome thing called The Gospel. Some of it probably connected, a lot of it probably did not.

So I’m wondering one thing…

As you think back to church yesterday (or Saturday for those of you who went then), what one word sums up your church’s Easter gathering?

(Key to this being, ONE word. It could be a summary of your feelings/emotions, or the main focus of the church gathering.)