Fortuitous Bouncing

Rose and I are headed to the Oregon coast today to support some of our friends renewing their vows. Crazy to think it is our first full day away together since January. Part crazy, part sad.

A week ago it was 76* in Portland, yesterday it got up to 49*. Spring in Oregon is a weird thing. Summer doesn’t really start here until after the 4th of July and then lasts through September. It would sure be nice to not need to turn my heat on in late May…


  1. I enjoyed Eugene’s thoughts on Arizona and immigration.
  2. I respect Efrem Smith a lot and found this post on Glenn Beck from him to be quite an interesting take. Tough not to agree with him.
  3. The power of music from Tony Morgan. As someone who hopes music can change lives each week, I totally concur with him.
  4. “Train the called, do not call the trained.”
  5. This week it was a popular thing to quit Facebook, here was a great post from Mr. Shankman giving 5 reasons why he isn’t quitting Facebook.


Hope you have better weather than us.