Fortuitous Bouncing

When I got home late on Friday night I decided then I’d have to do this weekly post on Monday instead of Saturday for one week. Sleep was calling. Sorry for those affected by this decision.

If any of you are near Portland tonight, come join me in going to see Gungor…you won’t regret it. Let me know if you want more info about the concert. Read more about them here.

I don’t know you but this long weekend couldn’t have come soon enough.


  1. Tony Steward gets it. Loved his post on “releasing expired leaders.”
  2. A post that goes right to the point: Glenn Beck is a False Prophet.
  3. I’ve never heard this before but now I’m wondering why. A hermeneutic of generosity.
  4. There’s no app for relationships.
  5. Enjoyed reading Larry’s take on Jennifer Knapp. If only more people approached this topic with the tone and goodwill that he did. Thanks Larry.
  6. A good discussion of the wine Jesus drank on the cross and why he drank it.
  7. Great look at how social media has changed the vocational ministry of one pastor.


Grateful for those who served and died for my freedom.