Be Intentional

At the social media conference I was at over the weekend (MISE), Jesse Rice challenged me in a big way to be more intentional.

My favorite quote from one of his talks was:

Intentionality sets the stage for transformation.

Here he was referring to Jesus’ earthly ministry, but I think implications for this show up within social media.

Social media tends to be extremely reactionary. What do I mean by that?

If someone says something great on Twitter we ReTweet them.

If someone has a birthday, we wish them a happy birthday on Facebook.

On Facebook we “like” a lot of statuses, pages, and various things.

If someone asks for prayer on Twitter, we ReTweet them and then tell the world we are praying.

But all of these things (while some can be with full intention) are completely reactionary. Something happens, so we react to it.

When is that last time you made an effort to connect with someone via social media without only reacting to something they’ve said? I know for me this is a pretty sad answer and something I’m going to work on.

Why do I talk about the importance of intentionality? Because I totally agree with Jesse.

Intentionality sets the stage for transformation.