Forgiveness and Restoration

Much has been made of Ted Haggard’s announcement last week that he would be starting a church.

I’ll be honest I’ve gone back and forth in my head in whether I’m ok with this or whether I’m not. In the end, my opinion matters not.

I find it interesting that many people would say Ted deserves to be forgiven by all Christians. To not forgive is hypocritical they would say. After all, we don’t deserve to be forgiven but we are.

But isn’t there a difference between forgiving a man and allowing him to take up the role of a pastorate?

It is that question that has me a little baffled in this case.

My hope and prayer is that Ted is truly restored (as much as sinful people can be by power of the Holy Spirit) and that he has people holding him accountable in this season of life.

I’m curious what you all have to say and will be monitoring the comments closely so it stays civil.

So 2 questions:

  1. Is it hypocritical for us not to forgive a fellow sinner?
  2. Does forgiveness and restoration mean any Christian leadership role is okay?

Go for it.