Fortuitous Bouncing

Today I’m going to be on a panel at MISE in Wilsonville (20 minutes south of Portland). It is a conference for church leaders wanting to learn more about navigating social media. Hope to meet/see some of you there.

Starting in a week, I’m taking a 2-week intensive summer course at my seminary. I’m hoping that I can keep up my normal blogging, but if not just know that I’m extremely busy balancing my various jobs on top of the added class time. I have to read 3 whole books in the next week before the class even starts, yikes.


  1. Join this 24/7 Prayer Movement for Prostitution and the World Cup.
  2. I know I do some work for The Mentoring Project, but this story deserves to be shared anyway. The Uganda Youth Academy is turning charity upside down by supporting the cause of TMP. A truly beautiful story.
  3. Eugene Cho says, “diversity is the new normal.” The implications of this for the church are great.
  4. John Dyer is wondering if chapter and verse numbers in the Bible are making us dumb.
  5. Thought provoking post coming off Memorial Day where Karen wonders how the church should interact with calender dates that involve the military.
  6. Michael Gungor says there is no such thing as Christian music.


Grace and peace.