Slow Down

A few months into my new role of leading worship for students as well as leading the band for Sunday mornings at Sunset I knew I had to change the way I was doing my day to day living.

I was exhausted. And in many ways I still am. But some of the changes I made with the intention of slowing down my life in some small ways have made a big difference.

A few weeks back I listened to this TED talk on slowing down and it reminded me of the importance of being intentional with slowing down. Hope you enjoy it (come watch here RSS readers):

Even you as my blog readers have noticed one way I’ve slowed down. I no longer post everyday and have focused more on posting when I have something to say rather than because I wanted to post everyday. It has been freeing and has freed up a few hours of my time here and there. I’ve also been much more intentional about unplugging from social media at different parts during each day.

Something about the culture most of us live in says that success is doing a lot.

But I think each of us needs to slow down more often.