Dancing Jesus: Mentoring in the Church (A Blog Series)

Back in April many of you helped choose the topic for a blog series I was hoping to do during the summer months. And you chose the topic of mentoring in the church.

You’re probably wondering what does “dancing Jesus” have to do with any of this? Let me explain.

I’ve grown up various evangelical churches and right now I work in one. As a worship leader I’ve seen its focus on drawing people in through incredible teaching, powerful worship, and in some cases entertainment value (that you can find in this site). Definitely there are places for these things in the church, but in the case of my generation, I believe the value of relationship and passing the torch was lost in it.

The best example we have of mentoring is Jesus who sought out the 12 disciples and became extremely close with 3 of them. We don’t need a dancing Jesus in our churches who can wow us into Christianity. We don’t need a dancing Jesus who is trying to get the attention of the audience. We need a mentoring, serving, caring, loving, guiding, and listening Jesus who can pass on his wisdom to us through relationship.

That is the big idea behind this series and I can’t wait to see what each of these men and women have to say on the topic. All of them are incredible writers/leaders/pastors and will have great insight into how mentoring in the church can take place.

Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to catch all the posts that will start coming in a few weeks. And I’d definitely appreciate any help you can give in getting the word out about this series.

Here is the schedule of the series:

You can also read the series wrap-up here.