Fortuitous Bouncing

Great posts in the mentoring series this week if you haven’t read them yet.

Today Nebraska shows everyone why they’re a top 10 team even with a freshman QB.

Tomorrow the Vikings show why they’re going to win the Super Bowl.

Earlier this week my Twins all but guaranteed they’ll be in the playoffs, making good on the World Series prediction from the beginning of the year.


  1. Running tips from Tyler Stanton. Classic.
  2. Los wants us to re-think how church staff members spend their 40 hour work week. I agree with him, too many people end up wasting hours at their church just to make it look like they are working hard.
  3. Religion vs. The Gospel.
  4. LOVED this post from a guy who called the pastor who almost burned Q’urans last Saturday. I find it incredibly sad that more pieces about it like this weren’t written after the fact.
  5. In seminary I hear all the time, “I believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible.” Well, here’s a great post about whatever that means.


Weekends have a different level of enjoyment during the school year. Enjoy yours.