Fortuitous Bouncing

The Oregon Ducks football team is a big deal around here. Kind of sad to me how over the summer they made more news than any team for off the field arrests and suspensions. All that gets forgotten far too quickly once they start winning.

You should have heard the scream when I asked the middle schoolers on Wednesday night if any of them were Owl City fans. Then I told them to check out this song he recorded for his blog.

Busy weekend for me: Trip to the coast with the student ministries team at Sunset, big game for Nebraska, homework to do, oh and church still goes on even if it is Halloween.


  1. Great post from Karen on the spiritual discipline of reading. More and more I’m challenged to spend time reading everyday.
  2. Loved this post from Brent directed towards worship leaders in light of the big Owl City sang a church song craze.
  3. Warning signs your legacy is at risk.
  4. The influence of technology on our lives.
  5. Thanks to Josh for introducing me to this music. Loving it.


Blessings to you.