Wrap-Up // Mentoring in the Church

Well the “Mentoring in the Church” blog series came to an end last week. I hope it will be a valuable resource for you and others in the coming months and years as you think about and discuss what mentoring can and should look like in your church.

One of the common themes among friends I’ve made in my seminary classes is they don’t feel ministered to, discipled by, or mentored by the key pastors at their churches. Yet it’s something they long for: just for that pastor to reach out and show an interest in their development.

As the church continues to make efforts to remain relevant in today’s culture I believe we’ve left the hard and difficult work of passing on the torch from generation to generation in the dust to follow trends. The declining numbers in denominations across the world are a direct example of that.

I saw this video over a month ago and I think it is the perfect wrap-up to this series. I hope you’ll take 4 minutes to watch. Honestly, it is the best video I’ve seen of its kind in a long, long time. I believe it is a prophetic voice for church leaders.

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We need better men and we need pastors who are called to serve the church.

Are we building museums or movements?