Fortuitous Bouncing

The closest I got to a shopping mall yesterday was dropping Rose off for work. That was enough for me.

College football won’t ever be better than pro football until they get a playoff system. Anytime you have to argue about who is best instead of watching it on the field, you have a flawed system.


  1. Kind of dig this post on “the 3 most disturbing words on TV.”
  2. Good thoughts from Scot McKnight on the idea that we can be focused on discipleship.
  3. Challenged by Mark Batterson’s post on the importance of keeping margin. Far too often I recognize I’ve lost it, I’d much rather be better about keeping it.
  4. Technology often pulls us away from the moment we’re in. Helpful reminder from Chris Brogan to be all there. Anything else, isn’t ok.
  5. Interesting Christianity Today article on why young believers are leaving the church. A must read for those interested in this topic.


Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.