Good Leadership vs. Bad Leadership

We’re all leaders in some capacity. Whether it be parenthood, workplace related, orĀ  amongst friends, leadership is essentially influence.

Each of us has influence in some way, whether it be big or small.

I have been given a pretty large leadership responsibility at my job, and this year I’ve been extremely focused on intentionality. I’m not always great at being intentional. The amount of responsibility I have each week makes it tough to always to be spot on.

I’ve found that being intentional takes effort and energy in the moment, but also being well prepared in advance of those moments.

With my focus on intentionality I’ve become more keenly aware of good leadership and bad leadership. I see it in myself and in others.

Even this past Sunday I felt my focus and intentionality go down as the day went on. I got tired and my planning went out the window and when the moment for leadership came I passed it up because I didn’t have the energy to match it (at least that’s how I felt).

So for me, one of the key values between good and bad leadership is intentionality. Good leaders hone in deliberately on specific things. Whether it be developing other leaders, providing clarity, or empowering others, I think good leaders always know their purpose.

Other than intentionality, how do you differentiate between good and bad leadership?