Fortuitous Bouncing

Coming to you today from sunny San Diego. Down here for a short trip with my family to celebrate my sister’s graduation from her doctorate program. She might be younger than me, but she is most definitely smarter than me. Forecast for today: 80* and sunny. Be jealous.

I’d appreciate prayers for my church. We’re still in the waiting period but that is coming to an end soon and what lies ahead will likely be difficult and trying (much like the past few months have been).


  1. Nice little discussion between an author and a blogger on the Oregon vs. Auburn game coming up.
  2. Why you should raise up preachers in your church.
  3. Love Scot McKnight’s take on leadership. “Instead of seeing myself as a leader, I see myself as a follower. Instead of plotting how to lead, I plot how to follow Jesus with others. Instead of seeing myself at the helm of some boat—and mine is small compared to many others—I see myself in the boat, with Jesus at the helm.”
  4. Great Advent playlist from Brett.
  5. I enjoyed this Christianity Today article on singing Christmas carols that have poor theology.


Blessings to you.