Fortuitous Bouncing

We had our typical winter storm in Portland this week. Forecasted as a major snow event as close as 2 days before, it snowed for 30 minutes, then it was freezing rain for 5 hours (in the middle of the night), and 40* and very wet by the time I woke up. So very very lame.

I might be crazy but I’ll be picking the Seahawks in the upset tomorrow. Probably helps that I strongly dislike the Bears and Cutler.


  1. Why do churches experience a leadership drought?
  2. As usual, a helpful perspective from Scot: “The problem is that human beings are cracked. What happened in broad daylight, in broad premeditated daylight, in Tucson was sickening to the stomach and destructive of the human spirit. But that didn’t happen because he was a right winger or left winger — and a case has been made for both. And it didn’t happen because the Left or the Right had gotten inside that young man’s head and spoiled it.”
  3. Love some of what Mel McGowan has to say on trends in local churches. I hope to see more of this and be a part of seeing this happen more places.
  4. Having read this book titled “Transitions” over Christmas break, I thoroughly enjoyed Rhett’s post on the difference between change and transitions. It amazes me how poorly we can do transitioning because change is all around us.


Enjoy your weekend.