Fortuitous Bouncing

People make fun of me a lot, but I do follow the weather pretty closely. What a bizarre week where it seemed like half of the nation was out of school and off work because of snow. All the while, we’ve only had a few drops of the rain in the past 3 weeks.

As a Vikings fan, I simply cannot root for the Packers tomorrow in the Super Bowl. I love Aaron Rodgers as a player and a person, but here’s to hoping the Steelers pull out a W.


  1. Loved this challenging post from Julia entitled “Confessions of an Introvert.”
  2. Does prayer change God’s mind? “God has ultimate aims and our prayers are part of finding alignment with God’s aims. But these ‘discussions are real and issue in real change.'”
  3. What one man learned after spending 4 days with 20-something Christian leaders.
  4. How online social networking helps and hurts the Church. “Facebook might make it easier to keep tabs on large numbers of peoples’ lives, but is ‘keeping tabs’ really a relationship? Facebook creates the illusion that by being constantly in touch with a person, you can know them more; that by accepting a “friend request,” you have made a real life, human connection.”
  5. Should your spouse be your best friend?


Have a wonderful weekend friends.