Never Grab the Lowest Hanging Fruit

I overheard this a few weeks ago:

Anyone can grab the lowest hanging fruit.

I believe there’s a lot of truth to the statement. It is incredibly easy to sink to the lowest common denominator, but once you go there you become no different.

I think this show itself all over the place in life. Just because someone always tries to pick an argument with you doesn’t mean you have to join in. I see this principle come out in blogging, on cable news, and especially in politics. Going after the lowest hanging fruit will get you loads of hits on your blog, it will stir up controversy to get you ratings, and it might get you another term in office. But it doesn’t mean the lowest hanging fruit is the right thing to eat.

I have issues with this all the time. I’m extremely competitive. More than I love winning, I hate losing. So I tend to go after the lowest hanging fruit just to prove that I’m better, when in reality I often prove myself to be no different than it.

But trust me.

Anyone can grab the lowest hanging fruit.