Fortuitous Bouncing

Here in Portland we have pretty limited expectations for what “Spring” actually is. It was sunny earlier in the week for a few hours and the temperature was a whopping 55* and I started hearing people talk about spring. Pretty funny.

This year I might be doing as poorly as I’ve ever done with my bracket. Now that Duke has lost (my pick to win it all), the whole thing is basically tanked. Go Butler.


  1. Keith Getty on hymn writing and worship leading. “We want to create songs that exalt Christ, are rich in biblical content, and are singable. By singable I mean songs that are inspiring to sing. Good art—whether it’s displayed through preaching, writing, or composing—needs to be something of the highest quality. It should be colorful, invigorating, memorable, and life-giving.”
  2. I feel Adam’s pain in this post on being doxologically homeless.
  3. Curious what you think about this post titled “Loving the Pastor’s Wife.” “I am urging people who love their church and its leaders to pray for and care for the pastor’s wife, whose ministry is so vital, yet overlooked or assumed.”
  4. Rob Bell and CS Lewis.
  5. Great book review of one of my favorite books written in the past few years.


Enjoy your weekend.