On Liturgy

One of shifts in the local church during the modern/mega church movement was a move away from the use of liturgy in weekly worship gatherings. I grew up in this movement and honestly didn’t even know what liturgy was until I was in college. Liturgy was deemed to be more of an “insider” type of church activity and was replaced slowly with worship choruses and then big band worship teams that could be an understandable form of worship for those who call church home and visitors.

I’ve been to a few Lutheran churches before that used some liturgy during their gatherings (my grandparents belong to a Lutheran church) and all I remember is being fairly bored the entire time (I’m sure some of this had to do with me being young and always being expected to go to church).

This weekend I’m leading our Palm Sunday gatherings and made a decision to use some liturgical type readings within the worship time. It isn’t something I would describe as normal or abnormal for my church, though it is abnormal for me.

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on liturgy as you’ve experienced it at your churches.

Have you experienced liturgy to be a good and worshipful thing? Or lifeless and boring?

How have you seen it done it most effectively?