Fortuitous Bouncing

It’s getting to the point where I’m sad to call myself a Twins fan. They’re awful in every facet of the game of baseball right now. Very un-Twins-like. Remember how bad the Mariners were last year? Yep, the Twins are twice as bad because they actually spent money to be good.

Sad to me that most of the Christian community embraces Michael Vick with a 2nd chance but is unwilling to do so for LeBron James. Here’s to hoping the Heat win the Finals.


  1. 10 simple things good pastors say from Jared Wilson.
  2. 10 keys to being a healthy pastor from Tim Peters.
  3. Don Miller on how to partner with God in His work: “When we narrowly define God’s work, we end up channeling people into working for the church, often motivated by guilt, rather than partnering with God in whatever skill or passion he has given to them as a gift, as a way of bonding with him.”
  4. Such a great post from Rhett celebrating his family getting out of debt after 2.5 years of hard work to do it.
  5. Loved this post for its focus on getting rid of the “us” and “them” mentality we see in many churches between staff and church members.


I’m glad we rarely get tornadoes in Portland. Hoping the violent weather stays away this weekend.

Enjoy the long weekend, but be grateful for those who sacrificed their lives.