Fortuitous Bouncing

My favorite TV show for the past 5 years ended last night. Friday Night Lights had a great run, and I’m glad the Emmys finally gave them due recognition this year. I’d say it is the best show on tv, but that’s always a subjective opinion.

I mentioned last week that Rose is now an LMT. If you’re on Facebook make sure you like her new massage Page “Relax with Rose” on there. I might be able to get you a discount if you tell her Tyler sent you 🙂

I’ve been on Google+ for about a week now and I’m actually a big fan. If you are on there, you can find me here. I think it has huge potential.


  1. Is building your social media platform in conflict with building Christ’s kindgom? (Loved this).
  2. Do churches try to protect their congregants from anxiety? “Much of church life is geared around trying to protect people from the frustrations of life and from experiencing any discomfort during church or their spiritual lives.”
  3. Are you mailing it in?
  4. Driscoll gets flack a lot, from a lot of people, yet he never responds to any of it. This week, he did.
  5. Social networking or notworking? Does social media merely just distract us from getting our work done? Definitely worth the short read.


Blessings to you.