Page CXVI is Coming Portland…To My Church!

I discovered Page CXVI shortly after their first Hymns album was released. I think I listened to that album non-stop for a couple weeks. As most of you know, I didn’t grow up singing hymns and I’ve never much enjoyed them when I have sang them in church. But I do love hymns that bring in the full sound a band can provide (instead of just an organ or piano). I agree with many who say hymns have a lyrical richness often missing in today’s music.

And this is what I love about Page CXVI, they love hymns and want people today to love them too. They take some liberties to bring the story and truth of each song through to our world, but I believe they do an incredible job.

On November 6th they will be leading worship at my church in the morning and leading a *FREE* concert later that evening at 7pm (bring some cash to support the band, directions can be found on the link to my church’s website).

If I could name an artist or band I would want to come lead worship at my church, Page CXVI would be on the very short list.

The difficulty with hymns in church is that they are often divisive. I wish it wasn’t true but it is. Hymns to many older church members represent the “good ol’ days.” But hymns to a younger church member represent being stuck in the past. This is why so many churches, including mine, have created multiple service formats almost exclusively based around musical expression.

Why am I excited about having them? Because for at least one Sunday I hope hymns build a bridge between generations instead of creating a gap. One of my biggest struggles is that our high school students are never in a room together with any of our older church members. For at least one night (maybe the first) this won’t be true.

I look at it like baby steps and this is a big first step.

If you’re in the Portland area you definitely don’t want to miss this on November 6th. And if you are a part of Sunset with me, I’ll look forward to worshiping with you that morning.

Never heard any of their music? Listen below and enjoy (you’ll need to come to this post to listen RSS readers).