God, What I Need Most From You Right Now Is…

God, what I need most from you right now is…

Encouragement. I need to know that what I do day in and day out really matters to you and makes a difference to others. I find it so easy to dwell on my shortcomings and missteps, and it is the encouragement You give that reminds me I am not defined by my failures.

Guidance. I don’t need to know the exact destination of my life in the short term but I do need to have a sense of direction.

Wisdom. I cannot trudge through this life without the consistent and enlightening word You bring. I need the kind of wisdom that helps me to know what You’re calling me toward and what might be tempting but isn’t for me.

Blessing. I need your blessing over my family, my marriage, the ministries I serve within, the friends that bring richness to life, and the moment that will stay with me forever.

Grace. I fail consistently.

Presence. Your presence…the palpable sense of knowing You are closer than I can comprehend.

Love. So often I find Your love toward me through the circumstances and opportunities You bring into my life. And also through the loving people you’ve consistently put along my path. It’s your love that moves me closer to You, ultimately bringing me closer to the full and abundant life You desire.

Peace. My soul often reflects more of a winter storm than it does the tranquility of a spring afternoon. The peace that somehow passes understanding rarely finds its way into my body, soul, and mind. Peace is so fleeting in a world of constant change and upheaval, yet it becomes a greater and greater desire of mine knowing it is something only You can give, not something I can create for myself.