The Great Curse of This Age

I appreciate Luke’s account of Jesus clearing the temple in Luke 19. It’s a key event that, in the chronology of Luke, comes right after what is known as The Triumphal Entry, or Palm Sunday, just as the Passover week is beginning.

Luke’s account of Jesus’ message is clear…

When money becomes a focal point in life it is ultimately a reflection of a heart gone wayward.

As I read through this passage several times I sensed God saying to me that although this was a historical event, Jesus has every intention of clearing out our lives as well.

A wise man recently told me to follow my calling and let God deal with the rest.

I typically find it easier to shore up my life with plenty of stability and then let God deal with the rest (if there’s anything remaining).

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It’s so easy to get caught up in making life decisions based on financial feasibility. What’s much more difficult is to truly discern how God is working within our lives.

God seems to have so much more in mind for our lives than to be simply caught up in meaningless monetary gains. Consider the moments in life that you always remember, very few have any materialistic side. I appreciated these words which I heard recently:

“The great curse of this age and of the American people is its materialistic tendency. Money, money is the cry everywhere, until our people are held up to the world as noted for nothing except the acquisition of money at the expense of all aesthetic taste and of all love of nature” (Senator George Vest of Missouri).

While the quote stands on its own, my favorite part is that the quote is from 1883 and has as much punch today as it did then.

If you want to live a truly unsatisfying life, start to make decisions purely based on financial prospects. It will lead you toward a life of self-imposed prison.

During a summer vacation a few years ago I walked into a coffee shop in a tiny Iowa town, located almost in the middle of nowhere. As I walked up to order I saw a sign that has remained etched into my memory ever since.

The most important things in life aren’t things.

These are words to live by friends.

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