Sign Posts in a Strange Land

I believe calling to be integral to God’s mission in our world. It’s commonplace in our world to go through our entire lives waiting for circumstances to come to us, rather than pursuing them ourselves. And this is largely because we’ve ignored discerning God’s calling on our lives.

We live in strange times. America is no longer progressing to the point where I’ll receive a higher standard of living than my parents. Many college graduates end up moving back home because they’re unable to land a job in their field of study. The cost of education is climbing at rate far beyond the stagnant or negative economic growth of the past decade.

We see the news everywhere: Times are bleak! Head for cover! Hold tightly to what’s yours!

And people have heeded the advice.

We’ve ignored God’s desire for us to pursue calling for the sake of making sure our present circumstances don’t get worse.

We’re so busy preparing for the rainy day, that we never get out to enjoy the sunshine.

And we wonder why life seems to pass us by as we’re trying to understand why God is so distant.

A truly fulfilling life first begins with understanding our right identity as children of the King. But it also must move out into how we live and interact in our world. Whether times are bleak or not matters little to whether we can pursue our calling.

God has equipped each of us to serve within the context we find ourselves. Sitting back and watching it all play out should not be an option.

We are God’s ambassadors to this strange land. We are His sign posts, pointing to the hope that is and will be. (Tweet this?)

Even as He will return to restore all things, He is partnering with us to begin this redemptive and restorative work.

God has called some of us to build temples for the world to see. Others God has called to build the wells that everyone uses but no one notices.

Each of us has to enter into the work God has prepared for us.

We are His sign posts.