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Can One Week Really Make a Difference?

You are torn in two different directions: the quick fix and the long road.

  • The Quick Fix: All around is a push to change yourself now. Every diet and exercise plan promises quick results. When it comes to faith you can expect God to make all things new in your life NOW. When he doesn’t you’re quick to doubt.
  • The Long Road: I often hear people refer to the Christian life as a long road of faith. Nothing seems to change quickly. Every Sunday pastors explain that God wants to walk through life with you, shaping you through the journey.

As Holy Week begins, I sense myself being torn in these directions. I wonder if there’s a bit of wisdom in Jesus coming into the city knowing he had one week left. It’s like Jesus is saying, “Holy Week is a chance to see life beyond quick fixes and long roads. One week can make a difference.”

The quick fix facilitates the beginning of the long journey.

Easter is now a culturally accepted holiday to celebrate. Jesus has risen! But it’s much easier to keep Him at arms length. And so one week on the calendar rarely changes you because it’s more comfortable to keep things as they are. Thoughts such as, “If Jesus really did rise again then it would mean he wants to move things around in my life!” come into your mind easily.

Holy Week presents a new opportunity to reflect on what Jesus has done: The God-man became sin for those who caused it.

You find life because He became death.

He desires to not only receive your joyous praises as He enters the city gates, but He’s personal enough to care about rearranging the furniture of your life too.

Yes, one week can make a difference, if you choose to enter in. One week changed the course of history, it can certainly change your life.

God is telling a grand story this week. It’s a story you can play a part in.

On Twitter and FB I’ll be sharing Holy Week reflections several times each day. These reflections will follow the timeline of Holy Week. I hope they assist in you entering this story.

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