Timeline of Holy Week Reflections

Over this entire week I’ve been posting reflections following the timeline of Holy Week. I thought I’d share a full compilation of those reflections for you to engage with.

Here’s a resource I used to figure out what happened on what days according to the Gospel accounts in the Bible.

click here to download the full version

These reflections are short but also connected to a Scripture passage that lines up with each day of the week. I hope they assist you in reflecting on everything that happened this week.







The reason the Christian faith stands as the hope of the world is because Friday isn’t the end of the story.

The Pharisees worried that Jesus could be telling the truth. Power makes you defensive. Sacrifice makes you selfless. Matt. 27:63


Christ is risen. Truly, He is risen.

When you’ve been exposed the truth makes you want to hide. Through the power of Christ be a truth teller. Matt. 28:13