Called Out Episode 005: Calling

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Calling has been a subject of interest for me ever since I made the decision to enter seminary (graduate school for pastors) and pursue a vocation within pastoral ministry in the local church. I never had a moment where I sensed God distinctly say, “go there,” and I followed. Instead, calling has been a constant walk through the fog, destination unclear.

I often find myself frustrated by our formulaic conversations surrounding calling. Following the “5 steps to find your calling,” completely misses it.

With this in mind, I recently talked with Ryan Pemberton about calling. This being a subject of both personal and pastoral interest for him, we’ve talked several times in recent years about calling. If you ever wonder where God is leading you, or are trying to discern what your calling might be, I know you will find this episode to be helpful.

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You can find Ryan Pemberton on Twitter, and be sure to check out his book Called: My Journey to CS Lewis’s House and Back Again.

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